Build Housing for Teachers – Attract the Best Teachers


Modest homes would be built adjacent to each school yard wherein teachers could sleep, keep their belongings, and maintain privacy within the village. Each home features two bedrooms and one living room. The donation would build three units, one for each teacher.


Teachers don’t want to live in Rural Mali… but we know how to entice them.

The government of Mali has agreed to provide paid teachers to all of the villages where we build schools. However very little incentive exists for the teachers to leave the city where they have studied and move to rural Mali where life may be more difficult.
In villages where we have built 3 modest homes for our teachers we have experienced a completely different attitude toward rural instruction. With living expenses paid for, teachers compete for the opportunity to teach in our villages. The competition yields better teachers for the children of these villages who invest more and stay longer. The teachers are able to bring family with them, and have a place to sleep and call their own. While the teacher housing is owned by the villages, teachers find it a privilege to live among those they teach and ask to renew their contracts year after year.

Build Housing for Teachers – Attract the Best Teachers


3-room Middle Schools fit 150 students. Each is built within the village close to home for rural students.


Solar-Powered Water pumps storing water in towers for the whole community to have easy access to clean pumped water.


Perpetual Tractor Fund leases tractors/trucks to villagers. Increased yields and lending allows them to own after 5 years.


Teachers are hesitant to teach in rural Mali. Providing housing allows us to attract the nation’s best teachers.


Solar panels bring light to our villages allowing night classes and after-hours homework improving opportunities.


Instead of sharing one book and copying lengthy notes off a chalk board students can read directly from their own textbook.