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3-room Middle Schools fit 150 students. Each is built within the village close to home for rural students.


Solar-Powered Water pumps storing water in towers for the whole community to have easy access to clean pumped water.


Perpetual Tractor Fund leases tractors/trucks to villagers. Increased yields and lending allows them to own after 5 years.


Teachers are hesitant to teach in rural Mali. Providing housing allows us to attract the nation’s best teachers.


Solar panels bring light to our villages allowing night classes and after-hours homework improving opportunities.


Instead of sharing one book and copying lengthy notes off a chalk board students can read directly from their own textbook.

Your school just changed my life... and hundreds more.

See what good one person can do

Katie Pearce wanted to do some good with her energy, so she set out making cookies and trying to raise some money toward a good cause. The Giving Cookie was born as a means of blessing people with delicious recipes and allowing them to bless others with education. After joining the board for Empower Mali, she continued more aggressively trying to raise $50,000 to build a school. 

Watch as she not only raised enough to build a school, but also to provide a water system for a village in desperate need. See what one person with vision and determination can do to make a difference in a meaningful way.

Change a Student | Change a Village | Change a Generation

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