Current Projects

Additional water systems planned

Middle School in N'Gana

Surgeries for children

Classrooms for Dambe Kalanso

Administration Building for Dambe

Current Project Details


5 Water Systems

Donor: Stirling Foundation

We partnered with the Stirling Foundation to bring solar powered water systems to 5 rural areas in Mali. Access to clean water is difficult due to the country’s uneven geographic distribution of water resources. On the other hand, there is a huge solar potential in Mali with average sun duration of 7-9 hours available everyday throughout the year. Solar water pumping greatly reduces a burden for the people of rural Mali by giving them clean, readily accessible, pre-pumped water, stored in an above-the-ground tank, using energy from solar panels to power a water pump. We installed solar powered water systems in the communities of Tenji-neni and Pouroli which are in the rural community of Madougou. Additionally, three other solar water systems were installed in Madina, Mamoure and the Lycee Monseigneur de Montclos de Sikasso.

In the case of each community, we dug a deep borehole to access clean water under ground. Solar panels installed atop 5,000-liter reservoirs power a water pump and now ensure a consistent water supply, even during cloudy periods. We established a Water Committee responsible for the maintenance of storage tanks and the distribution system. Our team provided training to committee members on system operation and maintenance, alongside sessions on hygiene, sanitation, water treatment, and safe storage practices, ensuring sustained impact. Multiple taps for water distribution will ensure a reliable, continuous water supply for the village well into the future.

We are grateful to the Stirling Foundation for supporting our clean water project for Mali. To date (Jan 2024) they have funded 15 solar powered water systems in rural communities of Mali.

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We additionally have the followed water systems planned for this year that were donated by:

  • Maxfield Foundation (1 water system)
  • Watkins Family and Ashton Family Foundation (2 water systems)
  • JP Peace Love and Happiness Foundation (2 water systems)
  • Charles Lamar Family Foundation (2 water systems)
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation (2 water systems)
  • Rocky Woods Charitable Foundation and Mower Family (1 water system)

Middle School in N'Gana

Donor: JP Peace Love and Happiness Foundation

N’Gana in the Sikasso region is in desperate need of a middle school to meet the growing needs of the village. With an annual population growth of 5.4%, N’gana’s village is made up of a growing young population. The school authorities in the village are desperate to keep up with the need and have requested a partnership with Empower Mali. A generous donation from the Peace Love and Happiness Foundation will allow us to build three fully equipped classrooms, a director’s office with a storehouse and add 6 toilets. The school when completed will also serve the neighbouring communities of Tiéfina and Mima.


Surgeries for children

Donor: Building Youth Around the World

Through 2024, we have partnered with BYAW to continue to fund life changing surgeries for young children in the community of Ouelessebougou and the surrounding regions. These surgeries were done in partnership with Dr Bagayoko at the Clinic de Paix in Ouelessebougou. Many families in Mali can barely afford medicines and basic health care let alone a surgery. Most children will live with their physical deformities due to inability to afford surgeries. With BYAW and Clinique Paix, Empower Mali was able to provide necessary surgeries that can bless the lives of these children and their families.


Classrooms for Dambe Kalanso

Donor: Maxfield Foundation

We are continuing the construction of 6 new classrooms to our Dambe Kalanso school that were funded last year through a generous donation by the Maxfield Foundation. The establishment of this unique school building in the community of Ouelessebougou is specifically tailored to create an environment that is conducive to molding the future leaders of Mali. At this school, we will institute a Mali’s national curriculum requisites s a curriculum that not only imbues our students with the academic knowledge they need, but also the character required to lead and make an impact in their society. This approach to education will prepare them to become responsible citizens and future leaders.


Administration Building for Dambe Kalanso, Ouelessebougou

Donor: Stirling Foundation, Maxfield Foundation, Mellor Foundation, Peace Love and Happiness Foundation

As part of our commitment to providing a quality education to rural communities in Mali, we are in the process of raising the funds to build our Dambe Kalanso administration building to this. The structure will include the principal’s office, staff offices, meeting rooms, a reception area, storage facilities, and other requisite spaces. Each of these spaces will be designed to create a harmonious blend of Mali’s cultural richness while ensuring an environment that encourages academic prowess and leadership. This new administration building will serve as the hub of our school’s operations, where decisions that shape the curriculum and the direction of our students’ education are made.