Build a School – Save a Generation


Each finished school includes:

1. 150 students per year educated perpetually
2. Name Your School
3. Three Classrooms
4. 6 latrines (3 boys, 3 girls)
5. Headmaster’s office and storage
6. Desks and blackboards


Each village is required to pay 20% for their school, donate the land, and provide some manual labor to aid in its completion. The Mali Government has agreed to pay ongoing teacher wages for every school that Empower Mali builds.

Our schools are made of Adobe dried into bricks. Our contractor then constructs a 3-room classroom, a headmaster’s office, a latrine for boys and girls. The exterior is covered in a thick mud stucco and then painted to give additional protection from weather. Each classroom in the school can fit up to 50 students. Schools typically take around 3 months for our contractor to construct. A dedication is held by the village to show gratitude for its completion.

Communities with Empower Mali Schools (in alphabetical order)

1. Dongorona
2. Dovong
3. Falla II
4. Fanterila
5. Ferekoroba
6. Karaguan
7. Katele
8. Koumantou Banko
9. Marako
10. Moro-Moro
11. Ouellessebougou
12. Siemen
13. Zegoun

Build a School – Save a Generation


3-room Middle Schools fit 150 students. Each is built within the village close to home for rural students.


Solar-Powered Water pumps storing water in towers for the whole community to have easy access to clean pumped water.


Perpetual Tractor Fund leases tractors/trucks to villagers. Increased yields and lending allows them to own after 5 years.


Teachers are hesitant to teach in rural Mali. Providing housing allows us to attract the nation’s best teachers.


Solar panels bring light to our villages allowing night classes and after-hours homework improving opportunities.


Instead of sharing one book and copying lengthy notes off a chalk board students can read directly from their own textbook.