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Current Project Details

Fifth BYAW Academy and teacher housing in Karagouan

Donor: Building Youth Around the World Foundation

Demonstrating yet another commitment to educating tomorrow’s youth, Building Youth Around the World has donated the funds to build a 3-classroom primary school and three building teachers housing in the village of Karagouan.

This will be the fifth BYAW Academy. The first academy is in the village of Ferekoroba and thanks to multiple investments by BYAW, the village now houses teachers quarters and a electricity generating playground. The second academy is the village of Fanterela which also now houses a teachers housing and electricity producing playground. The third academy is in the distant rural community of Dovong. BYAW also renovated and rebuilt the middle school in Marako. The fourth academy, completed in December 2019, is in Ouelessebougou city to combat overcrowding in surrounding schools in the city.

Teacher Housing 2_600

Teacher housings in Zekoun, Moro Moro and Siemen

Donor: Coates Family

Quality teachers ensure a quality education. In Mali’s rural villages, it is difficult to keep qualified teachers in villages.

A lack of quality housing also discourages teachers from wanting to teach in rural areas as they have no place to house their families. A teachers housing allows quality teachers to be attracted and provides for long-term stability for the teachers and also the students they teach.

Thanks to a kind donation from the Coates family, we will be constructed three teacher housing areas in the villages of Moro Moro, Siemen and Zekoun, where we already have built schools. Each teacher housing will have three separate homes. Each home will have two bedrooms and a living room so that a teacher can house his family during his stay in the village.


Food for Mopti

Donor: Matthew McConaughey and JK Livin

The community of Mopti has been devastated by natural disasters, fighting and insecurity. Many families have been displaced and severely impacted by food shortages.

We received a second generous donation of $110,000 dollars to continue a food security project over the 7 months from August 2020 to February 2021 that will provide 100 different families each month much needed food in the staples of rice, millet, oil, corn and milk. This project will be carried out in collaboration with a local Malian association Humanitarian Action for Development.

This project has been in place since January 2020 and this is the second donation that Matthew and JK Livin have made to ensure the success of this project in meeting the needs of the people of Mopti.


Textbooks for Ouelessebougou

Donor: Private Donor

Textbooks are an essential part of our rural schools in Mali. No textbooks in a classroom means that the teacher is subjected to copying text on a blackboard and have the students use class time to copy those notes. No active learning happens. By providing textbooks to the education committee of the school, we ensure that year after year, students can use these textbooks as references and use class time as active learning.

A kind donation from a private donor will allow us to equip our latest school, The Karl and Erika Academy of Ouelessebougou, with textbooks. This middle school has alleviated the severe overcrowding in the fast growing city of Ouelessebougou. Textbooks will help alleviate the learning challenges further.


Coates family Primary School

Donor: Coates Family

We thank the Coates family for its continued commitment to education and for funding its third school in Mali. The two previous middle schools are in Falla II and Moro Moro, both distant rural villages in the community of Sikasso.

The village for the third school will be Siemen. Siemen is a rural village that is in desperate need for a primary school. The village had already built a 3 classroom primary school that is now overcrowded. To combat the overcrowding they have been skipping registrations to every other year. This however has left many students unable to be start school in a timely manner leading to them losing a year.

This new school will resolve this issue and help boys and girls get a quality education in their own village.


Water Well Drilling Rig

Donor: JP’s Peace, Love and Happiness Foundation

In Mali, access to clean water is difficult due to the country’s uneven geographic distribution of water resources. The climate is unpredictable, with variations between heavy rainfall and extreme drought.

For the past two years, we have been digging boreholes and installing solar water pumps to bring clean water to villages. The Peace, Love and Happiness foundation has invested in four such water pump installations in the communities of Ouélessébougou, Dioila, Sanankoro and N’tentou. A significant cost of the systems is the rental of a drilling rig mounted on a truck to dig the deep wells.

A generous grant from JP’s Peace, Love and Happiness Foundation will allow us to purchase our own drilling rig making it possible to dig multiple wells and install solar pumps at a greatly reduced cost.