Thanks to a generous donation received from the Garbett Family Foundation, Empower Mali donated textbooks to our Peace, Love and Happiness Academy in Moro Moro.

The village of Moro Moro has a very young population. In our middle school, there is already a large number of students. 90 in the 7th grade, 50 in the 8th grade and 39 in the 9th grade. It is common in Mali for only the teacher to possess a textbook as parents cannot afford the expensive books for multiple children. Since only the teacher has the book, notes are written on the board and much of the classtime spent copying notes. Unfortunately, the students do have enough time actively learning and understanding the material.

To combat this ineffective mode of education, textbooks are provided to the school and these will be put in each students hands for the year. After the year is over, the books are returned back to the school to be reused for the coming year students.

Thank you to the Garbett Family for making these textbooks a reality for Moro Moro and helping Empower Mali fight against poor and inaccessible education.