Current Projects

The BYAW Academy of Fanterila

Donor: Building Youth Around the World Foundation
Donated: $50000

fanterila_groundbreaking10Demonstrating yet another commitment to educating tomorrow’s youth, Building Youth Around the World has donated $50,000 to fund a three classroom middle school in the village of Fanterila. Fanterila is a remote village in Sikasso, the southern region of Mali. The school when completed will serve 150 children in Fanterila and surrounding regions.

This is the second BYAW Academy. The first academy is in the village of Ferekoroba and thanks to multiple investments by BYAW, the village now houses teachers quarters and a electricity generating playground.

Thank you Building Youth Around the World!

The Agricultural Vocational School of Ouelessebougou

agricultural_school_groundbreakingMali inherited from colonialism a formal educational system ill-suited to its societal and economic requirements.  Policies implemented since independence in 1960 have severely aggravated this fact to the point where Mali’s basic educational system simply cannot and does not meet the needs of a society striving for sustainable development and democracy. The relationship between school and employment opportunities is inadequate, creating a vast corps of unemployed and underemployed school drop-outs and first cycle school graduates. Much of Mali’s economy is agricultural based.

Thanks to a generous donor (who wishes to be anonymous), Empower Mali has received the first part of the funds to begin construction on the Agricultural Vocational school in Ouelessebougou. This is a $500,000 project that will be completed in multiple stages. The school will impact the children of rural farmers who otherwise would have no opportunities to make a living.

Tablets for Mali

Donor: Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Donated: $20000

2014-01-03-09-12-21In Mali, many adults, let alone children will never touch a computer until they are much older and in college. Many children miss a key learning window in which they can master computer literacy. Thanks to a generous grant by the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Empower Mali is putting tablets in the hands of young children in Mali. Trained administrators provide hands on learning on tablets to children. The children love this new experience of experimenting with applications and especially the power of the internet. They are raring to learn a fresh skill that will better prepare them for the future.

Basic tablet/computer literacy will open doors for these children encouraging them to think greater than their classroom doors.