Thank you to the Gerber Construction company for donating $25,000 for a new tractor!

This is the third tractor donated by the Gerber Construction company and the will be the 7th for Empower Mali. We thank them for their investment in Mali’s agricultural success!

The tractor will become is part of the Perpetual Tractor program. Through this program, villages that receive tractors are able to pay off the $25,000 tractors over a period of 5 years and then they own them outright. The funds paid back are then used to provide another village with a tractor.

Empower Mali already has 6 tractors in the communities of N’Tentou, Sikasso, Beneko, Bougouni, San and Garalo. These communities have implemented large scale farming and have been able to increase their farmland thereby also increasing yields.

The Empower Mali tractors food security initiative will allow farmers to modernize their business and help increase production of staples like cotton, sorghum, millet, maize, and rice. A massive increase in productivity and output will make a decisive improvement in production, employment and increase rural incomes.