Teacher housing is an important infrastructure when our schools are built. Because teachers are provided by the government, these housing facilities ensure that the village can keep good teachers within their villagers by providing homes for them and their families.

Given our expertise in building teacher facilities, Building Youth Around the World and Nurturing Nations has partnered with Empower Mali to build a teacher housing for an orphanage school in Kofi Kwei in the Ga South District of the Greater Accra Region.

Nurturing Nations built an 8-block School and Safe House in KofiKwei for 100+ orphan children, especially those who are special need. In Ghana, it is common practice to abandon and sometimes even kill these children. Building Youth has been sponsoring the school expenses for a few of these orphan girls for the last few years.

The structure has been built to high standards so that it will stand the test of time with heavy rainfall and hot weather. We thank Nurturing Nations and Building Youth Around the World for partnering with us to ensure quality education at the orphanage.