To signify their continued commitment to supporting programs that increase access to education, Utah-based organization, Building Youth Around the World (BYAW) Foundation has donated funding for a new primary school and teachers housing in the village of Karagouan, a rural village in Sikasso. The village contribution for this project was paid for by the Association of Nationals of Karagouan in Bamako.

This school and teacher housing will greatly meet the need for education in Karagouan. This three classroom school, storehouse and 2 blocks of boys and girl latrines will add to an already present three classroom school and will serve grades 1-6. The teacher housing will have three separate 2-bedroom homes for the school director and two teachers.

This is Building Youth Around the World’s 5th school. They have an ongoing construction in Ouelessebougou and have completed construction on 4 schools in rural Mali in Ferekoroba (2013), Fanterila (2016), Dovong (2018), and repaired the middle school of the village Marako that had been damaged by a truck. (2017). They have also built three other teacher housings in Ferekoroba (2014), Fanterila (2017) and Dovong (2018).

About Building Youth Around the World (BYAW)

Building Youth Around the World (BYAW) is a global children’s foundation whose goal is to provide life-saving care and compassion to children at a local, national and world-wide level.

Thank you Building Youth Around the World for continuing to invest in the projects that will make access to education a reality for our children in Mali!