Mali’s Northern region has continued to be impacted by insecurity, leading to many families being caught in a food crisis.

For the past 7 months, Empower Mali has been blessed to partner with Matthew McConaughey to bring relief to the families in Mopti that affected by the security crisis in Mali.

Every month from June to July 2020, Empower Mali partnered with another local Malian association Humanitarian Action for Development to bring 50 kg of rice, 50 kg of millet, 5 liters of oil, 5 kg of sugar and powdered milk to 100 different impoverished families each month that were identified by their neighborhood chiefs or village chiefs.

In a continuation of their commitment to the people of Mopti, we have received a second generous donation of $100,000 dollars so that the food security project can be extended for 7 more months.

Recurrent natural disasters and severe poverty have contributed to hunger in Mali, while civil conflict since 2012 has exacerbated food insecurity and spurred population displacement, both within Mali and to neighboring countries

The Mopti Region is one such hard hit area. Thank you Matthew McConaughey for your generosity in blessing these families with much needed food!