Textbooks for Malian middle schools

Fundraising Goal: $5,000/ middle school

Location: Mali

Partners: Education Committee in the village

The Problem: One of the core challenges Mali faces today is in the field of education. Mali’s literacy rate stands at 31% with boys being better educated than girls. In addition to the shortage of middle schools, Mali also faces a shortage of reading and literacy materials like textbooks and classroom materials. Despite education being provided for free, parents have to pay for school materials. With each family consisting of 4-6 children and each child needing textbooks, the cost of education becomes a challenge.

The Solution: $5,000 will cover the cost of textbooks for the 7th,8th and 9th grades in each middle school. Empower Mali will partner with the Education Committee in the village to ensure that children have access to textbooks. Access to textbooks will allow the children to spend more time discussing the material rather than copying it off a blackboard. Additionally the textbooks will remain with the school management committee to ensure that they serve the children in the school year after year.

Long Term Impact:  By providing all the tools for success academically, students have a better chance at success. Their future and the future of the village becomes more hopeful.

How you can help?

  1. Raise awareness of this need and spread the word.
  2. Donate to: Textbooks4Mali