Playgrounds4Mali: Electricity generating merry go rounds

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

Location: Dongorona, Mali

Partners: Village of Dongorona

The Problem:  In Mali, 80% of the population resides in the rural areas and almost all of these areas have  limited or no access to electricity. One such village is the village of Dongorona. Though not entirely to blame, this lack of electricity relates closely to the under achievement of education in developing countries. Without light at home or in their schools, children of rural communities find it difficult to study, read and do their homework at night. Because they assist on farms and at other chores until past sundown, there is often no natural light left for these children to see by when it comes time to study. When light is available, it’s often via kerosene or disposable batteries—both of which are expensive for families struggling to survive, and neither of which is given to children first if other work is to be done.

The Solution: To meet the need for clean, renewable energy in a fun, learning environment for the children of Dongorona, Empower Mali will be installing an electricity generating merry go round. The equipment will be attached to a generator and solar panels. These will be used to light the school. As part of the playground system, there will also be 40 lanterns that the children can take home to study with during the night. In addition, there is a science kit that allows children to fully understand renewal energy and how it can be used and produced to meet needs in the rural areas of Mali.

These playgrounds will offer a sustainable, educational fun way that converts the energy of children’s play into renewable energy for portable lighting.

How you can Help?

  1. Raise awareness of this need and spread the word.
  2. Donate to Playgrounds4Mali