Empower Mali is pleased to announce a generous $3,500 donation by the Building Youth Around the World Foundation.

The generous donation will be added to the previous money raised to help rebuild the classrooms of the Marako Middle School.

Marako, with a population of 2600, was one of the few lucky villages in Mali that has a school starting from 1st grade all the way to 9th grade. However, last year, during the night, a truck damaged one classroom on the Marako middle school. Luckily, none of our children were injured. However, the damage has created major education restrictions. Each class which was already housing 80 students per grade has now been pushed past capacity. Marako’s community want their children to have a safe and full education.

Building Youth Around the World Foundation has already partnered with Empower Mali to build middle schools and teachers housings in the villages of Ferekoroba and Fanterila. Additionally, they have invested in the first electricity producing playground for the village of Ferekoroba and assisted many Malian students with their school expenses in the United States.

Thank you Building Youth Around the World for your continued investment in the children of Mali!!