Agricultural Academy of Ouelessebougou

Fundraising Goal: $500,000

Location: Ouelessebougou, Mali

The Problem: Mali inherited from colonialism a formal educational system ill-suited to its societal and economic requirements.  Policies implemented since independence in 1960 have severely aggravated this fact to the point where Mali’s basic educational system simply cannot and does not meet the needs of a society striving for sustainable development and democracy. The relationship between school and employment opportunities is inadequate, creating a vast corps of unemployed and underemployed school drop-outs and first cycle school graduates. Much of Mali’s economy is agricultural based.

An agricultural vocational school will provide academic, technical and practical agricultural entrepreneurship for rural youth.

Long Term Impact: The school will impact the children of rural farmers who otherwise would have no opportunities to make a living. The school will integrate the teaching of traditional high school subjects with the running of small-scale, on-campus agricultural enterprises. These enterprises (dairy/milk processing, organic garden, roadside store, rural hotel, etc.) will serve as platforms for students to develop technical/entrepreneurial skills so that upon graduation, students are on a path toward economic success and financial independence.

How you can help?

  1. Raise awareness of this need and spread the word.
  2. Donate to: Buy A Brick For Ouelessebougou